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  • How should I wash and dry Selah's textiles?
    Don't be afraid to put our towels in the washer or dryer. The designs are printed into the fabric with the highest quality eco-friendly inks and are durable. To ensure lasting quality wash on low heat and tumble dry.
  • How does Selah Textiles give back to the community?
    The profits from Selah Textiles are divided with one-third going to support our local English as a Second Language (ESL) program that teaches parents of students from the local public school. Another third of the profit is contributed to existing youth tutoring programs in South City St. Louis. These programs develop children's skills in art, math, science, and social health. The final third provides on-going education for our employees. Our team volunteers weekly at these civic programs.
  • Can I sell Selah Textiles at my store?
    Shoot us an e-mail. Tell us your story. We love to grow and uplift others through new opportunities.
  • What are ways for me to uplift my community?
    Get Involved! Look for existing non-profits or ESL classes to become a volunteer. Refugees and immigrants enter the country with little to no belongings. Donate furniture, clothes, or food to your local distribution center or church to help welcome them.
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