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Uplifting Stories

There are 8o million displaced people in the world, in need of good neighbors. We have 10 employees. We dream to scale our numbers so that more people may benefit with the sustainable development of a social enterprise.


click below to see how we are uplifting and being uplifted by our neighbors 

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     The word Selah is undefined.  Historians have tried to find a meaning, but the definition is as uncharted as a new country to an immigrant or refugee.  While there is uncertainty in the definition, a possible translation is to lift up.  The word may indicate a pause in a choral piece. There are many cultural barriers to a new country: language, transportation, and the building of new friendships.  In moments of transition, it’s essential to take a pause.  We must stand by our neighbors, to lift them up.  Selah’s mission is to lift up immigrants, refugees, and under-resourced women through employment and profit-share to organizations which educate their children.  In their employment, barriers are bridged and community is defined.

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